TunturilomatUnforgettable memories of Ruka!


Tunturilomat RukaThe vacation village is right next to Ruka

Tunturilomat rents vacation cottages in Ruka-Kuusamo. Tunturilomat's complex of two semi-detached houses is very near the Ruka ski slopes, and all apartments open onto spectacular views of the slopes. In winter, you can reach the cross country ski track directly from the cottage, and in summer, you can catch fish from our boating beach. Many nature trails and hiking opportunities in Ruka invite you to explore the incredible natural surroundings. 

Thank you! We were really satisfied with our vacation at Tunturilomat. Sincerely, Jaana

All of Tunturilomat's cottages are well furnished and have the perfect ambience. Tunturilomat's holidays cottages are named after the fabled snowy owls who, according to tales, help stranded travelers.

You will spend a wonderful vacation at Tunturilomat - Welcome!



Ruka - vacation beyond compare.There is a lot to do at Ruka

Ruka consists of four different peaks, and some of the ski areas are named accordingly: Pessari, Saarua, Ruka (The front slopes and Vuosseli) and Masto. In the Masto area there are two year-round multi-use routes: barrier-free route / frozen path, and Juhannuskallio route / snowshoe trail. The starting point of these routes can be reached by car throughout the year. Otherwise, Ruka's peak can only be reached by lifts in the winter, and only using a valid lift ticket for skiing or snowboarding.

Ruka's trails

During the summer, the Ruka area has plenty of marked local trails: The Ruka perimeter route, as well as the Rukatunturi, Salmilammikylä, Valkeisenvaara, Kalliolampi, and Kivilampi routes. With the exception of the Rukatunturi route, these routes operate during the winter as skiing trails. Ruka's summit can be reached from June-September using the landscape lift, and the slopes can be descended either on foot or on the summer toboggan track.  

Julma Ölkky

Located in the southern part of Kuusamo, the Julma Ölkky is one of Finland's largest and most unique canyon lakes. Ölkky is in the old Lapp language and means a ravine. The canyon is 3 km long, and the canyon walls are in some places more than 50 m high, the depth of the lake is also almost 50 m. Near the north end of the lake on the eastern shore is a dome shaped rock fissure, Pirunkirkko ("Devil's Church"), where according to legend the devil has kept a place to stay. The eastern cliff of the lake has a number of streams, of which one is called the Rainbow Fountain of play because of the colors shown by the water.  

The stone wall on the lake's eastern side contains Ölkky's Stone Age rock painting. It is the northernmost rock painting yet discovered in Finland, and has many special features compared to more southern paintings, such as triangular human faces and stick-like elk drawings. Julma Ölkky can be admired on the lake cruises from June to August, as well as on the .  Ölökyn ähkäsy trail. 



NATURE SIGHTS Oulanka National Park and many other wonderful scenic destinations around Kuusamo invite you to hike year-round.

Rugged forests, rushing rapids and clear-water lakes invite you to enjoy nature at her mightiest. Ravines shaped by glacial melt water, the canyon, river valleys, and gorges are the target for hikers and adventurers. Kuusamo is the only region south of Lapland with greater than 200 meter variations in altitude. There are a couple of dozen peaks over 300 meters, and Valtavaara, Iivaara, Rukatunturi, Konttainen, Kuntivaara and Pyhävaara all approach 500 meters.

Ruka's slopes

The Ruka ski slopes are magnificently visible from the cottage. Ruka is only four kilometers from the cottage.

Grilling Facilities

The cottage courtyard area includes barbecue grills. Spice up your holidays by grilling!

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing paths depart the cottage area.


A path goes from the cottage to the clearwater lake Iso-Veska. Clearwater and teeming with fish, Iso-Veska can offer its bounty to a clever fisherman. Remember your fishing license!